Fujifilm X-E1 links

I’ve been researching this camera a lot. A collection of the useful links I’ve found:

Fujifilm USA’s official product page

Fujifilm’s official sample images

Review at Luminous Landscape

“My First Week Fuji X-E1 Review” by Amy Medina at Steve Huff Photo (added 10/22)

Fuji X-E1 group on Flickr

DPreview’s hands on preview

Engadget’s hands on video

Blog posts from Brandon Remler (Fujifilm employee) with x-e1 samples: Post 1 | Post 2 | Post 3 (including samples from 18-55mm zoom | Post 4 (samples with X-E1 plus Leica 90mm sumicron | Post 5 (X-E1 with XF lenses)

Roel.me’s first impressions with sample images and another post with high-iso samples

Translated Japanese interview with X-E1 developer

Amazon product pages: [black with kit-zoom] [black body only] [silver with kit zoom] [silver body only]



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